Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Updated of Indonesia disaster 2010 #1

The eruption of Indonesia’s most active volcano Mount Merapi — which has killed 151 people and displaced 320,000 — has slowed, an official said Wednesday, though its activity remains high.The government announced a 20-kilometre “danger zones” from the top of the volcano on Friday, saying residents within the area should evacuate. ( Kompas, 10 november 2010 )
Bina Mandiri Indonesia foundation has worked hand in hand with Indonesian army in  to give medical assistance for 26,000 displaced people in gym ( state sport building ) on 9th november 2010. They also give another medical assistance for 82 out  of 450 displaced peple in Gondang village, Klaten. At the same day, they also distributed baby food, women sanitary napkins, underwears, baby milk, used clothes, and cooked food.
 Team identified that they need mats, underwears, sarong, blankets and baby food. Recently, they stay in gym, they slept on the floor on wet condition because it's rainy. Many of them got sick because of this condition. If this situation last for few days, more people will be sick.
People have food security for couple months ahead. They still keep a hope to go back home soon. Let's help them by donating mats, sarong, blankets, baby food, and masks. 

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